Super Mario Odyssey Review

In the case of Super Mario Odyssey questions of how good the game is, even embarrassing to ask. Any conscious of their happiness, the owner of a Nintendo Switch rapidly and without any reviews rushed to the store for new and drowned in a wonderful mushroom Nirvana, putting aside worldly Duma indefinitely. The idea that the game could be bad or even average is banal did not pass the test of history, given the almost uninterrupted high quality the game about a moustached plumber.

Most of the questions for a new masterpiece from Nintendo just arises from the audience of players, not experienced the notorious “nintendoage” and know not tried games about Mario on 8-bit era. Suspicious look in his eyes sticks to mystically high estimates (at the moment the game keeps a proud 98%). Imagination paints a picture of the Masonic conspiracy around the big “N” and trunks full of selected fungi included with the press releases. Deduction looking for the catch… but just not him. New game series Super Mario really was a breakthrough for 3D platformers and one of the best interactive adventure in history!

In terms of plot the Odyssey retains concrete conservatism. Classic leitmotif about saving Princess Peach from the clawed clutches of Bowser does not even think to change from the distant 1985 year, except that the formulation of the prettier scenes. This time the villain decided to play a wedding with a fragile-looking girl, not very interested in her opinion. In the first minute he pulls mustachioed hero, a demonstration turns into ragged scraps favorite red cap with the letter “M” and the peal of sinister laughter flies to the airship to prepare for wedding events. Beaten, but not broken, Mario gathers his thoughts, straightens her whiskers, and goes on a long journey in pursuit of the spiny villain and Princess.

Fo centuries no Super Mario did not seek to delight the eye of moviegoers with plenty of long cutscenes and tear drama. This applies to the Odyssey. It is through the concise, sweet and colorful video frames of the protagonist a simple motivation and, without wasting a single minute, passes control to the player.

Unlikely we anyone open America this statement, but for reporting, note – Mario was and still is a damn good platformer! Control the hero here is easy and pleasant from the first seconds. Baleen protégé is beautifully animated, making every movement smoothly. The game runs in 60FPS. Control soft and responsive, a sense of inertia. You can talk endlessly on the subject of what games are about jumping, pull-UPS and shoals enough for a dozen mushroom baskets, but rarely to do these simple things so pleasant as here.

More than 30 years of existence of the series, the developers have managed time after time to stuff novelties so many fresh and well working ideas that you wonder. The backbone of the mechanics remained the standard: we always Segal across the gap, destroy brick cubes, collecting coins and pressed gum with consistently gloomy tilt of the eyebrows.

In the Odyssey all of these classic things is preserved, but is a maximum of 1% of the incredibly rich on the nuances of the mechanics. New crazy so many things that don’t even know where to start telling how all of this is played. Here you can easily find yourself in a situation when the role of Mario-Noir tank under the shower and cheerful guitar tunes have to fight the huge electric centipede in photorealistic scenery of the city. Or crawl huge piece of meat to lure the bird… On the lips gets a mute question: “as to this case it came?!”. But about all under the order.

King of the party, of course, was… a hat. Barely recovered from the beating Bowser, Mario gets acquainted with his new friend – Cappie. Comrade is a living multi-functional headwear. Hat you can throw on the type of boomerang, fending off minor enemies and collecting her otherwise unattainable items. Holding the shot, you’ll detect it in the air and are free to use as a trampoline. The game immediately suggests to use a JoyCon-s for the most comfortable control. With the help of motion-control are allowed to redirect cap in the air or to throw at a certain angle. And it can be done even in portable mode or when playing on a PRO controller. The gyro works with any control configuration.

Using motion control, the stick and only three main buttons (jump, hat throwing and squatting), you can get some very spectacular stunts with an almost unlimited potential for their combination. Even without Cappie Mario trained many non-obvious at first glance movements, like raspryga and nice spinning, but the satellite increases his potential in the field of parkour and fighting. The Internet is replete with many videos, especially handy as the players overcome obstacles unimaginable hat somersaults, which we await with interest the first SpeedRun s of the game.

The most interesting innovation that justifies what is happening on the screen Bedlam – selaplana (official game term). Draping the cap on the monsters you can naturally move into them. The creature immediately comes under our control, by purchasing a signature red hat and thick mustache. So Mario gets all the skills zahlamlenija beings, be it the ability to jump high, fly or throw fireballs. Goombas by jumping on top of each other going into a tower, tropical concertina like an accordion stretched over large distances, fish chip Chip feels great in the sea to Dwell even allowed in many friendly creatures and objects. Binoculars, shells, guns, tanks, cab and more… Only at the official developers available to us fifty-two potential victims of selaplana. It displays the diversity on some cosmic level.

All rental costumes are used extensively in the fighting, to solve a set of puzzles, the penetration in various secret areas and as a fine means of crossing terrain. What is nice in most places to change your shape or not necessarily, the developers almost always leave the ability to get to the right place fans to move the old-fashioned way. For example, in the underwater stages carefully placed air bubbles in case the fish scales you are not to face.

Another important feature of Super Mario Odyssey – open world. Correct to even say “worlds”. Locations are spacious areas, full of hiding places and countless ways to entertain yourself. The levels are called realms, and each is very different on audiovisual style of the inhabitants, a bestiary and game features. The game develops the ideas of Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario Sunshine part of the world. To advance the plot and, consequently, access to new realms, you need to explore locations, perform tasks and gather the necessary items.

Almost at the beginning Mario and Cappie find a personal blimp – Odyssey. To open the access to new realms, where the extended legs of the antagonist, it is necessary to increase the volume of the balloon Odyssey fuel which are mixed colors of the moon. Their collection and dedicated to the game.

Every Kingdom is overflowing with cleverly hidden secrets, quests and puzzles. First and foremost, the area is preferably free from harmful story of adversity, often presented in the form of a simple boss. This can be as greedy octopus drying reservoir through a cocktail straw, mechanical centipede, pulling electricity from the city, or one of the members of the gang of pesky rabbits Bradly.

Bosvita came out perky and colorful. To strain the nerves and they will hardly be able, but to laugh with its absurdity, coupled with the epic – completely. To beat a fat Bunny her pet (a huge flying ball and chain!) is a priceless pleasure. And the fight with the monstrous bird into the VAT of boiling soup to the accompaniment of rain from a roast firmly etched in my memory.

After the victory of the Kingdom is transformed: there is a sea generous on quests, characters, passages, even the weather and lighting change.

For example, the Desert Kingdom initially suffering from a cold ice crystals, and some of the residents are frozen. After certain actions will return to heat, filled the passages of the blocks to melt and the cabins look out the locals – funny skeletons in sombreros, which allowed the remnants of ice on the ice cream and arrange a fun get-together.

All open checkpoints continue to function as fast-travel, which reduces backtracking. Like telephone wires, connecting large sections together and allows you to turn into an electric spark.

The game is almost there is no clear separation of basic and additional tasks, and even the story missions are often not mandatory. As in the case of the latter The Legend of Zelda, to get to the final credits missing about 80% of the yummy cooked on the way. To collect in the realm of the required minimum LUN sometimes for a fleeting 20 minutes Jogging. But if you want clean vacuuming all activity, get caught up in the same location is possible for five hours.

And believe me, you will want to do it! Designers created a stunningly beautiful worlds, full of the unprecedented diversity of classes. Some of the moon visible at once, but requires ascent to a great height, the part buried and’re digging out a powerful blow on the ground – the faithful dog breed Akita inu is committed in their presence. Part of the issue the characters for help. For other has created a unique dungeons and areas. Other moons require from you is far from obvious actions, like keeping hats on any object, planting a seed in a pot or bus stops in a certain place. Higher level of interactivity makes you feel every inch of the environment, to constantly experiment and try to zashlepal all suspicious objects.

Often for solving problems it is necessary to seize the carcass of creatures walking around. For example, the stone obstacles are destroyed when you with bullet hit them (literally) without the ability of the octopus to splash with water will not work to put out the lava, and move into the boiling pink slush, not scorching ass, will only being living lava bubble.

Often we come across doors in the levels that represent the usual obstacle course in the style of the last Super Mario 3D World. Sometimes the game jumps back in time even further and Mario projected onto the wall in 8-bit form. Sometimes in the depths of the Kingdom of the researcher dutifully waiting unique bossfight.

In most of the worlds stone Sphinx (Sphinx) test for knowledge of the terrain and its inhabitants. He begins with simple questions like “what’s this place called?”, then we are burdened by an increasingly complex puzzles about the problems of individual characters. This motivates to actively explore the area, talking with everyone. To the map of the Kingdom includes several stylish brochures with a description of cities, people, culture and history. Super Mario Odyssey envelops the cozy atmosphere of tourism in the insane fairy-tale worlds. Like the refrigerator inveterate traveler, Odysseus eventually covered with commemorative stickers and magnets, and in the cabin appear Souvenirs in the form of various figures, reminiscent of your fabulous adventures.

To limit himself exclusively to the main plot with such an abundance of interesting – a crime against gaming! To get to the end the average player will be able in 12 hours. The complexity of it is pretty gentle, no problems to deal with wedding mess will be able and children. But when you watch the final credits, as you will open a sea of new content, much more furious. Each Kingdom acquires new secrets, missions, characters and more dungeons with increased difficulty. Meticulous lunar kleptomania will be able to unlock a few more worlds and even get the true ending! In terms of postgame Odyssey incredibly happy.

In addition to the LUN locations you can find also two types of utility: good old gold coins and purple currency specific Kingdom. Coins can be collected in unlimited quantities, they are spent in shops on items of clothing, consumables, improvers health and tips Captain Toad on the location of the moons. Additional tips can be a parrot – free.

Purple currency hidden strictly a fixed amount. We strip her special boutiques with costumes, Souvenirs and stickers for Odyssey, a characteristic for each Kingdom.

Costumes are purely cosmetic, allowing you to wear the hero’s taste, minus the rare places open only for native speakers of a certain outfit.

Leveling and unlockable abilities in the game there, forever to increase the volume of health also did not give. On the ground that at the fiftieth hour of the game Mario will be yourself, brisk cheerful character with multi-functional hat and health three touch.

Difficult to do without epithets of the soul and magical appeal of the new game about Mario. When slowly treading sand on the shore of the sparkling sea along with the sweetest red dog in the hat, idyllic ambience and covered his head. Through great works of artists, great music and phenomenal attention to detail literally skin feel a little tropical Paradise on the other side of the screen. Should jump into the sea as the music invited under the water, and before you open an alluring underwater town with a lot of unsolved mysteries.

The mood of the game mostly warm and festive. Often after the liberation of the level of distress of the local inhabitants invite the hero to the cheerful party with fireworks and music. Be sure to perform a job search musicians and the restoration of electricity to the celebration of the City of new-city – the reward will be a few minutes of pure excitement and nostalgic memories of the first Nintendo games.

The creators of the game keep a good rhythm in terms of diversity of locations that are unique to the series, what makes the product special compared to other parts. The universe is Super Mario Odyssey is not constrained by any boundaries, because funny culinary realm with a giant vegetable stew and talking forks is adjacent to the gloomy ruins, which quite naturally would be in Dark Souls 3.

For all sorts of artistic delights each location, the designers managed to keep the game visibility. The environment is always well-read on the subject of parkour and activities. Sometimes the level design seen signature cubism.

What is somewhat frustrating in contrast to Super Mario 3D World, Odyssey cannot be called a sociable game. The emphasis on open world and exploration is not allowed to have a tiny dump for the whole family as before. Mode for 2 players is present, and it came out pretty original. The second player gets the role of the hat cap. It can fly separately from Mario, scattering the pesky little thing and collecting the harvest of coins. Adjust to such a cooperative is quite difficult, the camera is tied to the hero, why Cappie is lost behind the scenes, and avoid unplanned salamouni difficult. Obviously, the mechanics of the game is banal is not suitable for a full-fledged co-op, but the attempt to challenge this fact definitely interesting.

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