Review of South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Three years after the “Stick of Truth”, was spent by the company Ubisoft is not in vain. Losing a key developer is not much impact on the new game. A sarcastic adventure where the emphasis is on characters, dialogue, and plot, could not only adapt to the controversial changes but also to rise to a higher level.

The events of South Park: The Fractured But Whole start immediately after the end of the original. The name of the character “newcomer” becomes a mighty king, and the medieval war between the children is approaching its finale, but he at the last moment decides to change the rules of the game. Stick of truth sticking out of a garbage can, and replaced the elves and the mages comes a story about superheroes, a parody of the great confrontation between Marvel and DC.

By a twist of fate, you join the team “Coon and Friends” who try to be like Marvel characters, like Wolverine-raccoon, Cartman or Cyclops, the role of which performs man-the kite Kyle. Heroes obsessed with the idea of finding a missing cat to obtain the reward of 100 dollars and to develop its own superhero franchise with comics, figurines, and series on Netflix.

Since you have a new history, all the experience, skills and super skills from the first part go after a mighty stick in the archive, and you have to develop new capabilities. In the beginning, offers just one of the three classes to choose from, but with the development of history, you get access to abilities of all types of heroes, choosing the most suitable your tactics skills. Abilities differ from attacks in melee to defensive skills, treatment, call for assistance and skills with high area damage.

For example, a barbarian, or karate can inflict heavy damage in melee or to throw the opponent on a few cells back. Psionic able to set the shields and to brainwash, and the technician put the gun, dealing extra damage to the enemy.

The same abilities you have and your opponents, of which 20 hours of the game you will find more than enough. Sami battles take place in steps in the manner of a Japanese RPG. You make a move, moving on the available number of cells, causing damage to many cells. After you move your opponent makes.

In the second part of the story, the main character gains the ability to rewind time, canceling enemy moves, or to freeze the time and apply this pause maximum damage to the enemy.

In addition to the usual abilities, you build up rage for the conduct of the super combo. This is the most devastating ability, allowing it to devour all claws in the role of Cartman or destroy the power of male love if we are talking about Craig or the Company.

The main character can choose to seek admission in any of the available classes from the deadly ninja jump up to the brutal beating of a barbarian.

In addition to three regular skills and one special, the characters can use items. Kits and mixtures for recovery work like in other RPGs, but the star of David made out of macaroni, calls Moses, which heals the entire party. The mobile phone helps to get a hooker that will crush the enemy on the car radio and make contact with professional hunters, able to riddle any target. The number of special items are limited, but you can create them from scrap materials in inventory.

Crafting is one of the foundations of South Park: The Fractured But Whole. New costumes, items, jobs, special and ordinary things you can create at any time. The quality of available items depends on the recipes that you find and buy, and the General level of leveling your character.

The skill of needlework swinging from the rest of the skills separately and depends on the number of created things. Especially critical to the gameplay is the creation of artifacts. They have a different shape, the power level and set in cells that are opened as you progress through the game. The digital value of the artifact is combined with other artifacts and determines the final level of the steepness of your character that affects power, protection and other important characteristics.

For example, the fight with one of the most difficult bosses in the game you will need a rating of 800, in other words, each of the eight cells, in this case, must have the artifacts are not at least level 100.

These same parameters affect DNA, which can enhance certain abilities. All the enemies and quests in the game have level restrictions, so you will know whether you should start the task or you want to devote your time to finding recipes and crafting.

The Story Of South Park: The Fractured But Whole even in their side jobs should be a completely sarcastic diatribe rhythm popular show. The level of difficulty in the game depends on the choice of color, and the difficulty lies not in the battles themselves, and the attitude towards other players. Blacks do not favor even the police. In another scene a priest after the enlightening speech locks your hero in the back room, where two pedophiles in robes to pull out of my ass anal chain with crosses and whip themselves through the body, ready to abuse your character. The following excerpt from cute looking animals-Satanists are trying to defeat an angry Santa. The fight with fat strippers, representatives of the cult, feminists, people-crabs and Korean ninja will be to maintain the desired degree of insanity right throughout the game.

Not do South Park without the current topics of gender identity and microaggression. Passing a series of tests, you can change your gender and sexual preferences of the character. These elections splashed on you a ton of new situations and jokes, which are partially lost in the Russian localization. Unfortunately, the authors of the Russian subtitles are unable to properly adapt multi-layered humor of the series, and the sex-change character to female, you will hear the words: boy, girl, miss the kid so many times that was confused in the identification of his hero. Still a “kid” – it’s not always the kid, and “she” should not be replaced by “he”, even if you really want.

But the main theme of South Park: The Fractured But Whole is everything related to ass and gases. Moving through the story and discovering new friends, your hero has four unique abilities. Kyle helps with your snake and your fart to fly high over the land, Scott, who is also the captain of Insulin, inhaled an inhuman stench are able to break barriers and open new passages, Butters puts his pet hamster hero in the ass, which then flies at a speed of bullets and striking electronic locks, well, the last partner by means of a pump and your ass destroys life-threatening obstacles such as lava and acid.

Farting is a means for time travel, a catalyst for blasting explosives and dangerous enemies. And the QTE on the toilet will give you a few extra points and precious experience. And that’s not counting the signature cocktail of fart and semen, which you have to prepare the plot.

Surprisingly, South Park: The Fractured But Whole not many iconic characters. A fleeting encounter with Jesus, Towelie and Morgan Freeman are all in addition to the main characters that can offer the history of the game. Nevertheless, the plot of the sequel was logical and varied. The only thing that can be presented to creators is a failed system of rapid movements located in the most useless places control points that need to be activated separately, and boring side-quests, to collecting items. Search, yaoi and cats-of the gay sounds funny but in practice, it’s pretty boring. The number of available appeals and bosses can also cause a slight disappointment.

Graphically, South Park: The Fractured But Whole looks like the original series. Three-dimensional inserts look more than organic, and colorful characters and special moves cause only delight, even after a hundredth of the account application.

Despite some roughness, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a great RPG with a fascinating comedic plot, fun characters, interesting abilities and system for creating artifacts and clothing. Creative approach to the development of game situations and lots of humor make this project one of the best in 2017.

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