Review Jurassic World Evolution: a perfect screensaver

Running the game in support of a popular movie is always a big headache. What awaits the gamer – an unrecognized great masterpiece, a La Mad Max, or frankly poor hack is created only in order to cut down some more dough in parallel with the distribution? Jurassic World Evolution – neither one nor the other. It is a special beast, revived ancient dinosaurs from amber, or with labels of chewing gum. In any case, it will have to study closer.

The call of the wild

First impressions of the game are fantastic. The picture is such that already the spirit grasps. No wonder Frontier Developments have perfected their skills on the simulator traditional amusement Park: it is beyond praise. Traditional rides like roller coasters and other swing-roundabouts replaced by pens with the reptiles of the Jurassic period, from which the project benefited. At least in visual terms.

Movie fans will appreciate the presence of favorite stars: in the form of non-animated but perfectly voiced of portraits of present and Chris Pratt, and even Jeff Goldblum. But, of course, people (even of this magnitude) is not the main thing in Jurassic World Evolution. The main thing is the dinosaurs themselves. The time of your first ward from the nursery you will remember for a long time – it’s so beautifully implemented.

The first hours you will be hitting the interactivity and image quality: the camera can zoom in and out as you like, dinosaurs on the number of polygons and overall aesthetics tucked in his belt competitors from the Monster Hunter World, jeeps and helicopters the Rangers can control yourself (no harder than in GTA).

White and fluffy the economy

Genre Jurassic World Evolution and economic simulation. But I bet with this approval, because the economy is fabulous, having nothing to do with the harsh realities of life. I have to say: in this game Park to a complete bankruptcy may cause only a complete retard or a 2-year-old baby. And then I have to try.

The money added by themselves. Every minute (is that accounting period – a minute!?). The Park has no hotels, fast food outlets, shops with Souvenirs? Along the enclosure there are no tracks, not to mention review sites and recreational areas from the movie, and three miserable dinosaurs huddled in the far corner out of sight? Still: the visitor will come and leave money for the ticket and immediately went back. No visible discontent, as in Theme Hospital, there is no trace. And all the above infrastructure is needed only in order to make cash flow EVEN MORE.

The same applies to the breeding of the dinosaurs. As a mobile game, send the helicopter to the excavations, and in neighboring States and in China to fly exactly 2 minutes, and the expedition is guaranteed to be successful. Upon receipt of the genome of at least 50% of quality, you can breed dinosaurs.

A simulacrum of increasing complexity

Yes, the game tries to give you “problems”. Return to the same breeding reptiles. If the genome is not perfect (less than 100%), there is always a chance to screw up the project. Simply put, you have already spent half a million bucks for some carnivorous lizard, but grow it did not work. A terrible loss? Not a problem! If only you were smart enough to bring in the neighboring paddock at least 4 budget herbivores, build a few substations to spend anywhere power lines and stick somewhere by McDonald’s, the Park itself will generate these 500 thousand minutes for four.

There is a genetic modification – can make the dinosaur a thicker skin, fangs sharper, longer life, and so on. The price increases and the likelihood of effective creation of such a creature falls. Such an instance then brings a little more money, but why bother, if and for default of dinosaurs paying the roof?

The scene Jurassic World Evolution is an archipelago of 5 Islands, which represent the increasing complexity. But this complexity, if you look, only a simulacrum. New island castigate tropical storms? Exactly 2 new types of buildings (shelters and towers climate protection), and repair the fences more often than usual. Has top management offered you the Park is bankrupt? Sell a few expensive and unnecessary in the first phase of buildings – and there you have the initial capital. Easy. So what I can’t stand the masochism in the style of Dark Souls, but here everything is too easy.

Materialistic science, strange entertainment, and security who doesn’t like safety

One of the most interesting mechanic in the game – the confrontation of the three departments: scientific, entertainment and security. Each of them tosses you story missions and contracts – mission easier. The problem is that the execution of the contract for one immediately lowers the reputation of others and you have to maneuver and balance.

The funny thing is the behavior of those departments. For example, in the security Department, frankly, do not like safety. The first mission is to test the tranquilizer Darts on the living dinosaur. You think somewhere in the paddock, under greenhouse conditions? Nothing of the sort! It is necessary to open the gate and release to the reptilian visitors – can you imagine what would have been a PR scandal in the real world!? And here – though henna. On the next monorail arrives next batch of dolls, ready to give.

Graphics showcase

Overall Jurassic World Evolution – a great tool for visual Zen relaxation. Juicy jungle, the sounds of nature, peaceful life giant reptiles (when not trying to cut each other’s throat or bite visitors) coming and going, enthusiastic crowd, that have not frightened you with my vomit, as in Theme Hospital or Theme Park – it’s all there. Sometimes you have to get distracted by micro-management (to mend the fence, heal the Triceratops, to update the stock of meat in the automatic feeder for T-Rex), and very rarely – on some semblance of business objectives. But the rest of the time you are immersed in the healing relaxation.

In General, this project showcases the graphics skills of the Studio Frontier Developments, and it looks amazing. They say, “here we can learn.” But if you “can”, why not, finally, planets with vegetation in Elite Dangerous instead of being a lifeless stone ball!? Okay, actually I understand everything: the British people too, they also want to earn extra money, especially on oily cinematic license Universal. Well, if you go back to the game – want without exaggeration, the most beautiful hours of interactive screensaver for your desktop? This Jurassic World Evolution.

+ The most beautiful “economic simulator” today+ Dinosaurs! These dinosaurs can be safely put into AAA-action from the 1st person. I feel bad that basically, you’re looking at them from the height of bird flight+ the Ability to control the helicopter and jeeps

Rating: 7,3 from 10

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