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Over the past 15 years, the company From Software has completely changed perceptions about themselves, turning from a little-known developer in the main games industry. This was possible thanks to a team of Hidetaka Miyazaki, which was released the most important game of 2009 – Demon’s Souls – and marked the beginning of a series.

The status of exclusive for the PS3 a few kept the effect in the initial stages and become a really popular franchise could only with the advent of Dark Souls on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Then was a successful Dark Souls 2, Scholar of the First Sin, Bloodborne , and Dark Souls 3, which has brought fresh elements in the original concept.

Now, when the team Miyazaki quite busy with new projects, From Software and Bandai Namco have decided to release what they’ve been asking fans, the remaster of the first Dark Souls on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Production was entrusted to outside companies, the result before the may release reached only version for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Adaptation for hybrid console Nintendo will appear later.

As in 2011, Dark Souls Remastered welcomes players with a simple editor where you can customize character appearance and basic characteristics, and specifying an initial set of skills and equipment. No new elements were not detected: select from: warrior, knight, wanderer, thief, bandit, hunter, sorcerer, Pyromancer, cleric and the pauper.

Role system as flexible as possible, and given the fact that the items have requirements to basic characteristics like strength, dexterity or faith, then you will be able to use any equipment and abilities, raising the level of a parameter to the required.

Further strengthening depends only on prescribed from the subject of bonuses to the parameters of the character and the extent of quenching it from a blacksmith. And unlike Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, in the re-release of DS1, as in DeS and DS2still does not improve the armor, which allows you to more deeply examine every specific build, and not to change clothes on the fly without any additional configuration.

After a sumptuous opening splash screen that introduces the backstory of the universe, we draw attention to a nice translation of the subtitles for the Russian language, which was not in the original consoles. In the new version of Dark Souls was translated all the text, including menus, descriptions, monologues of the characters and names of locations. The voice remained in the English language that, given the excellent game actors voice a few characters, the right decision.

Apparently, the screen saver was not prerendered for screens maximum definition, so you may notice a slight blur, especially on darker backgrounds. However they look nice and do not go to any comparison with pixel video from the same Diablo 3.

After divided into thematic sections Demon’s Souls, one-piece seamless world of Dark Souls was the most important innovation for the series. Dangerous anthill, covered with numerous passages, siskami and false walls, even after all these years, still immersed in the thick atmosphere of dark fantasy.

Structure locations motivates to keep in mind the complex three-dimensional map of the world and to explore every area in order to open passages to new areas, get faster access to life-saving fires, and find hidden secrets, including a strong weapons and armors early in the game.

This, of course, we really was lacking in Dark Souls 3, the location of which was difficult only within each zone, but the world itself was mostly linear and resembled a long stick, not layered mesh paths.

The lack of fast travel between bonfires until late stages of the story passage in the Remastered Dark Souls at first glance it seems an outdated solution. But in fact it does not interfere with gameplay. All the matter in the presence of a huge number of key shortcuts and the ability to run through opponents.

Of course, this is not as convenient as an intuitive system of teleportation, which appeared in Dark Souls 2, but, nevertheless, such a restriction is additionally works on the atmosphere. Plunging into this dangerous field without the ability to quickly and painlessly go back to the beginning, do you feel that I am in a dark dying world, who can not be saved. As a result, it greatly enhances the atmosphere of loneliness and doom and separates the project into the background later DS2, DS3 , and, with some reservations, Bloodborne.

On the other hand, now the difficulty level in the first Dark Souls is largely inferior to the same DS3 and Nioh. And it’s not in a dangerous environment and the multilayer structure of the world, and in the opponents. After the high-speed duels in Bloodborne, many of the enemies in DS1 too slow – with tightened animations of weapon swings and long turns in one place. But it doesn’t cause frustration, but rather smile and nostalgic for the days when the most ordinary spearmen with shields was a serious problem.

The music in Dark Souls plays an important role and adjusts the player in the desired mood. Soothing sounds playing in the Fire Temple, dipped in the atmosphere of relative safety. And the epic song during the battles with the bosses give an extra adrenaline rush and the feeling of a large-scale feat.

Music plays not always, and this also works on the atmosphere. From the ominous silence in the vicinity of the injured blood-curdling – even from one sound of approaching footsteps.

The authors of the reprints, for obvious reasons, did not make changes in music and mechanics, they have only improved graphics and online. And since the problem is the PSN due to blocking RCN om West IP addresses are still not ended, we weren’t able to try co-op.

As for the graphics, everything was quite adequate. Part of the texture in the re-release for PS4 has been significantly improved. And we are not talking about banal wrap filters Sharpness, and a full repaint of the original image.

As a result of the surface of the walls and floor look much clearer and bigger than before. This is particularly noticeable in dark locations during the movement of the character, which casts light on the environment, launching a nice play of light and shadow on ancient stone walls, or dilapidated walls of an old castle.

Armor, robes and numerous weapons were also updated. This is particularly noticeable in the detail of fabric and a new surround and gloss of steel panels.

Backdrops have become clearer. Sometimes it made the image better, and sometimes worse, as exposed quite primitive geometry in the distance.

The programmers have added new lighting elements. For example, the atmospheric light of the sun passes through the wings of dragons and harpies, causing their skin to glow from within.

However for some strange reason, some of the light effects were muted or removed. The sky in the Temple of Fire is not so impressive plays on the worn knight’s armor and looks pale, and the halo effect disappeared altogether, which is especially noticeable in the scene the appearance of a dragon in the City of the Undead. The fire itself looks worse than the fires and recalls the fire from DS2, not stylized mystical flames from the original. Let’s hope that the roughness will be fixed in one of future updates.

Some of the texture looks very flat, as it was moved into the game unchanged. It is strange that in some places the vegetation artists still redrew and others have left blurred.

Nevertheless, in General the game looks better than before, and is in a stable 60 frames per second. What the passage of the Plague city now causes a number of problems like on the PS360, where he observed the hard drawdown of up to 12 FPS.

The authors use made sure all the animation and control adequately worked with the new framrate, while remaining smooth – no apparent acceleration. Through this play the re-release is really nice despite the problems with detail.

The reissue also includes the addition Artorias of the Abyss, which added its storyline, a few new locations, characters, enemies, bosses, and equipment. For many fans of the series it remains to this day.

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