Red Faction: Guerrilla ReMarstered Review

Re-Mars-tered Edition is the game in 2009, the year was again subjected to the influence of Mars. How did the red planet in Red Faction: Guerrilla – beneficial, or the past 9 years nothing can disguise? Like cracks from a blow with a heavy sledgehammer, the graphics of the PS3 era emerges here and there under a thick layer of modern poultice, which is very unfortunate. However Red Faction this is the case when the graphics – not the main thing.

Enemies of the native hut

A few words about the plot for those who missed the game in the days of yore. EDF – the Earth defense Force – first Red Faction was saved by grateful Martian miners from the evil Ultor Corporation. But since then it has been already 50 years, the economy of old Earth is moribund, and its government makes a decision about the strip-mining of Mars. With a Striptease that has nothing to do – we are talking about the extensive resource extraction without regard to the needs of the local population.

EDF thus transformed into oppressors worse than Ultor, with the result that the miners have returned to organize guerrilla resistance to Communist wing, which Red Faction was for many years banned in Germany (true story, bro). And then – the enemies have burnt native hut, “I have that shit brother is dead” (not from the spice, but during the shooting, with EDF), and Mason, the main character, begins to take revenge.

Total destruction of everything without the “revolutionary cloud-based servers to Microsoft”

Respect the developers for sarcastic banter: Mason is a bricklayer, Builder. But the protagonist does not a Builder, but on the contrary: Dipl bomber. Almost the entire game, you are going to do in the first place destruction of various buildings of the enemy, and then his rolling stock and infantry.

Unlike the first Red Faction, the creators do not have to bother with terraforming the earth (or rather Mars) here immutable kilometer tunnel with a rocket launcher not to dig. But buildings are destroyed absolutely everything from the gate to the giant factories and military bases EDF.

Freedom is unprecedented, it is breathtaking. Many are used to Just Cause, and of course in Guerrilla the beautiful jungle and draw for tens of kilometers will not see the constant dust storms and the hilly terrain of Mars to hide the shortcomings of the engine. But in the adventures of Rico explodes only half a dozen types of objects (radar, fuel storage, etc.), and they break immediately.

Red Faction is a very different beast. Here the destruction is calculated in pieces. Nothing compares to the feeling when one with a sledgehammer (although the reserve is remote and charges, and RPGs) are destroying the huge building. Take the last two load-bearing walls – and the whole bulky design with an eerie creak, screech, thud, with decent physics rendering each object moves somewhere to the side. Superb.

And here did not resist the sarcasm. A relatively small 2A-firm Volition realized this splendor as much as in 2009. come on Microsoft, where’s your vaunted “innovation cloud servers that will calculate interactive the destruction of the whole of the metropolis”? Why Crackdown 3 suffered for about five migrations, as in the most recent trailer explodes just a few smelly fuel drums!?

A simple open world without unnecessary problems

Open world games are quite simple and do not pull the blanket – that is not a distraction from destruction. However, he offers a side activity like saving hostages, delivering vehicles on time and protecting mining bases from waves of EDF, which is very competently: there is some variety, not allowing the game to finally turn into a focused destructive excavator simulator Basil.

The overall structure of the game is quite obvious. Habitable Mars is divided into 6 sectors, each of which is necessary to execute several key missions. They initially locked, and open them – Yes, you guessed it – arranging a sufficient number of destroyed.

In General, developers try to not let you get bored with the enemy in addition to jeeps and APCS there are tanks and even robots (which can also be hijacked), your Arsenal increases as you complete side effects, and the set of secondary missions becomes wider. And everything would be just fine, but…

And a thick-thick layer of chocolate. That is plaster

“Give me back my 2007” – you probably have heard (or even used) the slogan. People want to feel again the Jaguar (not the car and certainly NOT sports), to plunge into the rollicking fun of those times. But the graphics of those times – this nobody will want to come back.

Where to start? If you have the opportunity to play in true 4K, then… in any case do not do it! FPS lose, and with the unforgiving sharpness of Ultra HD will see how empty this world 2009 years. Yes, Laura, you’d expect it to be empty: people with huge work have created an atmosphere, what kind of fucking grass, more complex vegetation, open waters, and fauna! But still: after the blossoming of the desert Assassin’s Creed: Origins hurt the eyes mercilessly.

It is worth noting that Volition still tried, radically reworking the lighting and – most importantly! – explosions. So don’t be destroyed and not be distracted by all the tinsel. Mars is not Egypt: it is clearly not for tourism, and a photo mode are of course not required.

Balm for the soul for men middle-aged

It is necessary to stress once again that Red Faction is a truly unique experience. This is not Just Cause, which blew up the radar, just forgot about it, jumped up on the hook on the fighter, jumped on the boat. Boats in the deserts of Mars, you will not wait, but will systematically, leaving no stone unturned to destroy the whole settlement.

“The whole world of violence we razed to the ground, and then…” – as sung the Internationale, the international anthem of Communists. In life, there are different situations, and ideology here is not important. Let’s take a banal return to work after a week holiday: if you’re a Communist, though corrupt imperialist and destroy everything (everything, not radar, storage unit and three radio towers) to the base wants, I guarantee you. Red Faction Guerrilla is the only game that provides the opportunity, for which she even Grifoni prehistory PS3 can be forgiven.

+ Full, complete destruction of all buildings (from CAT to giant mining complexes)+ Great physics destruction, taking into account the damage of hundreds of individual elements: building you can spread pebbles with a sledgehammer and remote charges off+ Side job variety to what could become a simulator excavator equals the construction site

Graphics 2009 model year, and feels that, despite some improvements in terms of explosions and lighting

– It is clear that ENT, but Mars is absolutely empty: no flora, no fauna, no water – Spread story cutscene. Even in 2009, could have much better!

Rating: 8,1 out of 10

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